NISSIN brake pads

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The NISSIN brand offers a range of products with very high quality standards.

ROAD compound

SS code 00 Semi-metallic pad. Excellent brake feeling with high friction performance. Controllable feel and gently cooperates with disc and is recomended for street use and bikes up to middle weigh (up to 500 cc maximum). For steel, inox or cast-iron brake-disc.

NS code 04 Semi-metallic pad. Best balance performance provides high-mileage and stable friction coefficiency providing ultimate control in dry and wet conditions and recommended for GT, sport and street bikes on street use. For steel, inox or cast-iron brade-disc.

ST code 03 New sintered pad material with the best fading resistance and high friction coefficient at low and high temperatures. Excellent performance, is recommended for faster riding conditions for GT and sports bikes. For inox brake disc only.

OFF ROAD compound

GS code 02 Semi-metallic pad. Off-Road pad designed for heavy braking application with goog braking performance. Hard durability pad for hard braking. For steel or inox discs.

ST/MX code 03 Sintered pad for “MX/ATV” use and extreme conditions. Excellent stopping power in sandy/muddy conditions. - For steel and inox brake discs only.

RACING compound

RS code 01 Semi-metallic pad. High performance pad material for faster riding condition or racing use on sports bikes. Outsanding performance at high speed with progressive feel. Dry conditions only.

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