"TROFEO" brake pads

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ROAD & OFF ROAD Compound

code 00 Organic

They are characterized by the use of materials "organic" traditionally used by motorcycle manufacturers. The organic brake pads provide the same standard of the first production equipment, and a high degree of safety and a favorable quality / price ratio.

code 01 Sintered

Recent technologies have allowed us to develop innovative friction materials, starting from compounds such as copper, bronze, iron, ceramic and graphite. Each of these elements performs a specific function during braking improving the power and efficiency also in extreme conditions of wet and dirty. They also reduce overheating and ensures braking with modular comfort of use, also at low temperatures.


RACING Compound

code 05 Ceramic Road

The new compound ceramic, makes the braking ready since the first use at low temperatures, while having an excellent stability at temperatures over 500 °.
For this new compound ceramic is versatile in both road and on the racetrack. Available for motorcycles hypersport more widespread.

Cooling friction coefficient with TK disk: 0.56

Heat friction coefficient with TK disk: 0.70

code 221 Brenta Ceramic Road

Born from the collaboration with leading Superbike team in the field International, the line of the ceramic pads 221 are indicated for a competition use, not approved for use on the road. Features major that we wanted to look for this product in the power and scalability. Another detail not to be underestimated is the low operating temperature, on average we find a 10% in less than the tablets of competition, everything turns into a lower consumption, lower operating temperature of the brake system to avoid the annoying spongy brake lever.

codice 07 Ceramic Off-road

The new off-road brake pads are produced with innovative concepts of friction material that greatly enhance power and durability in all conditions.
The pads are worked at 950 ° in a non-oxygenated environment. The compound uses trivalent metal alloys that increase the toughness and deceleration capacity. Material performance is 30% higher than normal compounds.

It took about three years of study and bench test before confirming on the circuits a new concept of specific racing pads "off road" (MAX BARTOLINI test driver).

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