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Ognibene kits guarantee maximum efficiency and safety for transmission stystems. They bring together over 60 years of experience in the field of high quality gears and chains. [The kits come with a free chain-closing tool (rocommended for use on 5/8 chains ONLY) and 50 ml. of lubricant spray.]

All kits are equipped with the same gear preferably SILENT according to different applications and teeth. In case of lack of availability they are replaced with those without the rubber profile standard.


This kit assures maximum performance from DID Exclusive Racing chains, which are the culmination of years of engineering technology gained in the MotoGP and SBK World Championships. It is available in many different versions, adaptable to the final gear ratio.

DID KIT premium

This kit is ideal for the most demanding riders, accustomed to high speeds and to covering long distances annualy. It is recommended by professionals, authorized parts dealers and specialized repair shops.

TROFEO KIT professional

Thanks to the long-time experience in transmission service that goes into it, thi KIT is the reference point in the aftermarket world. The highest manufacturing standards and excellent quality for price make this one of our most requested products. Ideal for medium distance and speed.

OE KIT standard

This kit provides an excellent alternative to riders who cover shorter annual distances without too many needs for high speeds. . The chains are certified as having a breaking load equal to the best professional ones.

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