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Founded in 1948 for the production of gears and motorcycle components, Ognibene S.p.A. has gradually specialized in chain transmission.

Since the 60s, has had a primary market role in the marketing and assembly of chains for the motorcycle industry and for the industrial sector which has strengthened over time.



Ognibene S.p.A. produces:

- Ognibene transmission KIT, replacement for all circulating motorbikes;

- Patented silent Sprockets OE;

- OE chains;

- TROFEO chains and brake pads.

Distributor from the 70s of DIDchains (DAIDO KOGYO CO, LTD - Japan) for spare parts and original equipment. 

It also sells NISSIN brake pads, ZCOO by DID and TK brake discs.



Ognibene S.p.A. has specialized in industrial plant engineering for precision kinematics, packaging of pharmaceutical products, food, transport and automation in general. Always committed to the development of customized chains, thanks to its specialized technical staff, it offers customers planning, consulting to meet the ever growing need for customized chains (engineering chains).

Since 1964, it has been a distributor of the Renold - Arnold & Stolzenberg (A&S) - Renold SD light transmission and transport chains, with direct assistance and logistical support for customers. Distributor also of the DID industry brand and CHJ HENGJIU group.

Producer of special chains with the Ognibene Oe brand and customized chains with self-lubricating and super-performing products.

Ognibene S.p.A. also markets cleaning systems and Sense Advance lubrication control units.